The brand-new Collbaix Division, Naval Shield, has been created for the shielding of ships (command bridge, control rooms, engine rooms …) and oil platforms. Collbaix is characterized by its quality and innovation, going always one step ahead other makers and therefore being leaders in the sector. The I&D division is constantly working on the development of new materials and proceedings to reinforce the security of their systems.


With this agreement, Zamakona offers a new service in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.


Collbaix is a Spanish company founded in 1972 – 40 years experience in the security sector -. They are manufacturers of high quality  doors and security shutters and they are specialized in the protection and armoring of all kind of openings.


Armor-System_CollbaixWith the “Armor System” we can offer real protection to people working offshore in risk areas in accordance with the IMB (International Maritime Bureau) and its manual BMP3 (Best Management Practices).


In a situation of boarding the first minutes are critical to ensure the safety of the vessel. “Armor System” protects the vulnerable areas from possible attacks in less than ten seconds. Once protection is activated it provides the vessel with a strong bulletproof contention that will dissuade intruders from getting in. To avoid paralyzing business activity the “integral system” method allows the quick and easy installation of all the armoring elements anywhere, even offshore, during the regular crossings of vessels and rigs.




The special shielding systems are ideally suited for any type of openings, doors and windows with the highest guarantee of closing and adjustment, allowing you to have the area protected in times of maximum risk. Permanent visibility on the outside is available if needed through small openings.


We´ll continue informing about this shielding system in our new shipbuilding projects. For more information you can visit the site:



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