• Baptism ceremony of the RONJA POLARIS vessel

    On the past October 10th was held in Alesund (Norway) the baptism ceremony of the Ronja Polaris vessel, belonging to the Norwegian ship-owner Sølvtrans and built by Astilleros Zamakona S.A., group member of Zamakona Yards.


    Although the vessel was delivered in October last year, the ceremony is now performed since after delivery it went straight to service Marine Harvest. This year the vessel has carried more than 70,000 tones of live fish already.


    At the event served as Godmother Mrs. Anja Halsebakk (daughter of Roger Halsebakk) and were present Sølvtrans CEO, Mr. Roger Halsebakk, the ship’s master, Mr. Anders Solheim, Mr. Luis Magro y Mr. Ángel Sanchez (General Director and Commercial Director of our Zamakona Shipyards respectively).


    During the ceremony Roger Halsebakk highlighted how Ronja Polaris has met the company´s expectations, as it has proven suitable for handling large amounts of fish in a respectful, efficient and economical environment.


    From Zamakona Yards we are very proud of the building and very grateful to Sølvtrans for trusting our group!



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  • RONJA HUON, our latest construction

    We are proud to introduce you to our latest building, a state of the art live fish carrier vessel, the RONJA HUON.


    Main Characteristics

    • Length: 75,80 metres

    • Beam, moulded: 16 metres

    • Scantling draft: 6,80 metres

    • Accommodation: 13 people It is the second ship with these features made for our distinguished client Solvtrans.


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  • Ocean Marlin, our newbuilding 722 has been delivered to Atlantic Offshore

    Ocean Marlin is the second vessel of three signed with Atlantic Offshore with HY820 design. She is now sailing to Stavanger and her naming ceremony will be next Wednesday, 13th August.


    The vessel has been constructed in our Yard of Pasajes with the following main particulars:


    Type Emergency Rescue and Response Vessel with Firefighting and DP2
    Length over all 66.80 m
    Length b.p 60.60 m
    Breadth moulded 16.00 m
    Depth to main deck 6,00 m
    Draught 5,40 m
    Accommodation 21 persons
    Notation DnV: +1A1, E0, SF, OSV-Towing, DYNPOS AUTR, FIRE FIGHTER –II
    Flag NOR
    Deck area 380 m2

    The results on sea trials have been better than expected, highlighting the low level of vibration and noise:


    Bollard pull 68,3 tonnes
    Free running speed 14 knot

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  • Launching of the Tuna LJUBICA

    On June 16 of this year, the tuna freezer vessel LJUBICA launching took place at Zamakona Yards shipyard in Bilbao, property of the Ecuadoran ship owner Pesquera Miriam S.A.


    The ship has been designed and developed by the technical shipping office CINTRANAVAL – DEFCAR SL and has a 1,999 m3 fish capacity in its tanks, 90 meters length and 18 knots speed.


    The LJUBICA is though for the tuna fishing trough the fences system in fishing grounds, located at the Pacific Ocean and its delivery is planned by autumn 2014.

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  • The ship Ocean Osprey is ready to serve in Norway

    The ship (FSV) Ocean Osprey arrived to Scotland last week to soon begin operating in the Gannet offshore oilfields. This vessel will support the works for the Norwegian company Shell UK / Dana Petroleum.


    This ship was launched successfully on the 31st of January at our facility in Pasajes (San Sebastián). The Ocean Osprey is the first ordered ship by the Norwegian shipping company Atlantic Offshore AS built by Zamakona Yards. It is expected that by the end of June 2014 their second vessel (Ocean Marlin) will be ready. It is a Havyard HY820 design.


    We thank Atlantic Offshore for putting their confidence in us.

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  • Zamakona Yards delivers the Ro-Ro ramp to the Tenerife Container Terminal (TCT)

    This past Wednesday, 15 January, Zamakona Yards carried out the load testing and delivery of the movable ramp for the Roll on-Roll off dock built for the Container Terminal of Tenerife (OHL Group). This innovative elevating structure is the only of its kind in the Canary Islands, permitting a more versatile use of the pier since it will only be employed when vessels with rolling stock arrive (Ro-Ro), permitting the use of the dock for conventional vessels at other times.


    It consist of an elevating ramp, 25 meters wide by 20 meters long, for vessels docking at this point in Tenerife. The ramp, which weighs 170 tons is designed to support rolling cargos of 54 tons and static cargos of 30 tons.


    The ramp is equipped with an ultimate generation electrical system which permits it to be raised to a vertical position when not being used, leaving the dock free to accommodate conventional vessels. In the raised position, noine of the components protrude more than two meters from the edge.


    When inclined it will descend to an angle from the dock from 5,20 meters to 2,90 meters above the equinoctial low tide.


    This elevating Ro-Ro Ramp is the first of this type by the Basque-Canarian Group and the 11th of the total ramps built, having fabricated in the last 22 years conventional ramps for different public administrations including; The Port Authority of Las Palmas, The Port Authority of Bilbao, The Port Authority of Pasajes, Naviera Armas and in this last cas, The OHL Group of Tenerife.


    With this last construction, Zamakona Yards moves to the Forefront of Spanish shipyards in the construction and installation of Ro-Ro ramps in the Canary Islands and The Iberian Peninsula as well as to the vanguard worldwide in the design and construction of this type of structure.

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  • Zamakona Yards delivers the “RONJA POLARIS” to Sølvstrans

    Zamakona Yards delivers the Live Fish Carrier RONJA POLARIS to Sølvtrans AS at the shipyard in Bilbao – Spain to the satisfaction to the Owners and the Norwegian Regulatory bodies for food transportation. This ship is the first of the two sister vessels.


    Mr Roger CEO of Sølvtrans AS said on delivery of the vessel: “the ship´s construction quality is high and I am satisfied with the shipyard”.


    The ship is specialized to transport live fish as salmon, trout, smolts and other farmed species. The design has been made by Rolls Royce Marine with the collaboration with the Owner and the Shipyard and she incorporates the new technologies in the in the transport of live fish.


    The cargo tanks has been designed in close cooperation with Sølvtrans and MMC so that the water circulation is ensured throughout the interior of the tank for which the system has been validated by rigorous CFD studies attesting adequate water circulation inside the wells in any navigation condition. This has a direct impact on reducing mortality of live fish and the quality end. The ship comply with the new requirements about the environmental regulations to be in force in 2016.


    The RONJA POLARIS has an overall length of 75,80 m and a cargo capacity of 3200 cu.m. in three well. The propulsion is diesel electric with two electric motors of 1500 ekW each.


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  • Launching the tuna fisher and freezer IZARO

    On Saturday, September 7 , the launching of IZARO was held at the premises of Zamakona Yards in Bilbao. This vessel is a tuna freezer of 1,900 m3 and belongs to the Echebastar Group. The investment is 30 million Euros and the delivery is scheduled for January 2014.


    This is the first ship of a new generation of tuna fishers, designed and developed by the Naval Engineering Department. Cintranaval – Defcar SL in cooperation with Echebastar. The ship is designed for tuna fishing by the system to purse seine of fishing grounds in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific ocean. The vessel has a single controllable propeller and 20 tanks for freezing and conservation of tuna. Four of them will be used for ultra freezing.


    Fish will be held in tanks and by a system of immersion in brine, the tuna will subsequently be preserved dry frozen in the same tank . To facilitate fishing operations an onboard passive stabilization system is installed. The vessel will have accommodations for 40 people as indicated on the General Arrangement Plan. It will also have nursing for three.


    “The construction of this ship is to Zamakona Yards a transcendent fact in the history of the shipyard. We thank Echebastar Board for putting their confidence in our yard and we insurance that we will meet and exceed all expectations for this project.” said the President of Zamakona Yards D. Peter Garaygordobil.


    Currently, in addition to this ship, Zamakona Yards is involved in the development of various construction projects including:

    • Polaris Ronja, transportation ship and treatment of live fish for the company Sølvtrans AS

    • Osprey Ocean, offshore vessel for the ship owner Atlantic Offshore AS Norwegian

    • Ljubica, tuna fisher for the company Hartswater Ltd

    Zamakona Yards has an extensive list of references regarding fishing vessels, offshore, cruisers, etc.., positioning itself at the forefront of European shipbuilding.


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    Last week, in Zamakona Shipyard Bilbao, we layed the keel in the tuna purse seiner. The keel-laying certificate was issued by Bureau Veritas.


    Echebastar Fleet SLU has entered into a contract with Zamakona Yards for a 1,900m3 tuna purse seiner, scheduled for delivery in January 2014. The investment will be about €30m which will be financed by the owner’s own resources as well as external financing, still to be defined.


    This will be the first of a new generation of tuna vessels, designed and developed by Cintranaval-Defcar. The ship is equipped with the latest technology to detect fish, freezing systems and tuna handling.


    The 88m long, 14m wide vessel will have a capacity for 1,900m3, and is arranged to transport up to 1,330t of tuna. The ship will be fitted with 20 cargo tanks (freezing and storage) for tuna. The fish catch will be frozen by brine pickle dive in the cargo tank, and then conserved dry frozen in the same tank.


    “Building this vessel represents to Zamakona Yards a significant milestone in its history. We want to express our thanks to the directors board of Echebastar for the trust given to our yard, and confident that all expectations in this project will be fulfilled in excess”, says Pedro Garaygordobil, president of Zamakona Yards.


    For this project, Echebastar and Zamakona have committed to use local suppliers as much as possible. The order will give a workload of about 350,000 hours, or two years, of guaranteed work for both.

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    Last August 01 Zamakona Shipyards the vessel “ESVAGT AURORA” to Esvagt AS, Company belonging to the Danish multinational A.P. Møller-Mærsk.


    This is the third vessel the Zamakona Yards has built for this Client. The main mission of the vessel is to remain on stand by, and give immediate assistance to offshore platforms in emergency situations. The vessel is specially adapted to the harsh climate conditions in the BARENTS SEA, where she will start operating for ENI NORGE AS on a 10 year charter contract.


    The vessel integrates the lastest technological developments for launching and recovery of rescue boats, de-icing equipment to avoid ice accretion on the decks as well as pollution control gear, fulfilling the highest standards required by the Norwegian Authorities for this kind of vessels.


    “The delivery of this vessel represents the consolidation of Shipyard ZAMAKONA among the world leaders in building Stand By vessels. We would like to express our thanks to ESVAGT for trusting in ZAMAKONA, and we are sure that ESVAGT AURORA will fulfill and exceed the expectations put in her” states the President of ZAMAKONA GROUP Pedro GARAYGORDOBIL.


    The vessel is 87 m long, 17 m wide and has 9.240 kW of diesel-electric power. It is easily recognizable to it’s X-bow. The vessel can perform high sea towage tasks, and she is fitted with a duplex dynamic positioning system, which allows her to keep the position even in very adverse climate conditions with hurricane force winds and rough sea. This feature gives her the capacity to operate ROVs in difficult conditions  in deep seas.


    The vessel and its equipment are in full compliance with the environmental class designation “CLEAN DESIGN”, since the vessel is respectful with the environment, in particular regarding the gas emissions and liquids. It has also achieved a high DnV Comf-V notation due to low noise and vibration levels, and “allowing the crew good comfort and resting on board”.


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