Zamakona Yards is one of Spain’s main shipbuilding and ship repair groups. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry both in the Cantabrian Sea and in the Canary Islands, our group brings together more than 1.000 professionals who strive to provide our clients with the best service.

Pedro Garaygordóbil, our founding chairman, created Napesca in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Napesca was a workshop dealing in ship repairs, which at that stage had 12 employees and great expectations.


Aware of the continuing growth of the demand for new services, he founded Ircesa, a workshop for repairs and electrical installations.


Astilleros Zamakona, a shipyard in Bilbao, joined the group of companies. Today it is an international reference in new ship construction.


In order to guarantee the supply of parts and material – a fundamental requirement on an island – Asinaval was formed.


Repnaval, a ship repair yard, became part of the group, completing the range of services offered.


With the acquisition of Astilleros de Pasajes, Grupo Zamakona became one of the principal groups in shipbuilding and ship repairs in Spain.


Internationalization of the Group: foundation of the company CCB Zamakona Offshore, SL trough an alliance between the Norwegian company Coast Center Base with Zamakona Yards in order to offer specialized services to the oil rigs that pass by the Port of Las Palmas.

  • Port of Las Palmas 1909
  • Port of Bilbao 1928

Mision & Values



be recognized in Europe for our specialized design in shipbuilding, capable to carry out high tech projects.


be recognized as the company that delivers the best ship repair service to its customers in the shortest time possible, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

We can carry out any shipbuilding in appropriate way.
If it floats, we can repair it. We are continuously improving.



We boost the teamwork as the only way to get our goals.


We know the business and we make that the things happen.


We develop projects based in our know how and our quality certification system.


Continuously with innovation and training.

Work safety

We guarantee safety work conditions to our task force and we provide continuing education and zero risk policy.

Environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental conservation as integrator pivot of the processes.

Results orientation

We set goals and we commit to achieve it.