• Balance of SINAVAL 2017

    On March 31th ended another edition of SINAVAL, a meeting that is considered one of the main references of the naval sector in Spain and Europe. This year, for the first time, it was part of the Maritime World Week program, along with the Marine Energy Week, Eurofishing and FuturePort fairs, which were held at the Bilbao Exhibition Center of the Basque Country.

    According to the organization, a total of 1,747 professionals attended to this event to learn about the latest technological advances and to look for new business opportunities in the “blue economy” or the industries of the sea. This industry currently moves 275 billion euros in the European Union. In addition, 100 speakers from 16 different countries took part in the round tables and seminars, being able to show their specialized vision on various aspects of maritime news.

    Among all these presentations, it is worth mentioning the one carried out by the Basque Maritime Forum, an organization that brings together associations, public institutions and companies from the Basque maritime sector. This presentation analysed the situation of the naval industry and its prospects in Spain and in the Basque Country. It was stated that for this year 2017 there is “a slight tendency of improvement”, having as the main challenge of “recovering levels of activity that consolidate the Industry and enable to regain their position and prestige in the international market “.

    Furthermore, this organization announced that in the first months of 2017, the Basque shipyards, which currently have a portfolio of 33% of the total national orders, have matched the contract figures formalized last year. Thus, the orders to the shipyards of the Basque Autonomous Community are 20 out of a total of 55 orders in the private sector in Spain, and where Zamakona Yards owns 10 projects out of the total accounted.

    In order to continue this trend and be sustainable over time, the Basque Maritime Forum has launched its new Strategic Plan 2017-2020 to “deal with competitiveness” in the new economic scenario, with the aim of strengthening internationalization, to foster the cooperation between enterprises, training and innovation.

    For Zamakona Yards, it is always a satisfaction to support and participate at SINAVAL, as it allows us to show our capabilities and be in direct contact with the public institutions, clients, providers and the naval industry form Spain and Europe.

    Sources of information (in Spanish): Diario Vasco and Bilbao Exhibition Center

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    Zamakona Yards will be present at SINAVAL 2017

    According to the latest UNCTAD report on the maritime sector, Maritime Review 2016 , the maritime transport will continue to be the main mode of transport for the international trade, since it has the lowest impact per tonne / mile of cargo transported. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the world fleet has increased by 3.48% to reach up to 90,916 vessels worldwide with a combined capacity of 1.8 billion deadweight tonnes (DWT).

    In the specific case of Spain, the naval sector is one of the main reference points in the world for its quality and construction tradition, with high standards in sophisticated vessels in terms of technology such as those that support offshore oil platforms, oceanographic vessels, Fishing, tugs, etc.

    For all of this and in order to put into value the capabilities of the Spanish naval sector Bilbao helds every two years the SINAVAL fair, an event that has more than 20 editions and this year is integrated for the first time in the World Maritime Week along with the Marine Energy Week, Eurofishing and FuturePort fairs from 27 to 31 March 2017 at the Bilbao Exhibition Center.

    This congress will offer different programs such as the organization of b2b meetings, seminars with international speakers, round tables to discuss the future for its four areas: naval, port, fishing and marine renewable energies. It is s expected to recieve shipowners and shipyards from 19 countries.

    The World Maritime Week will bring together leading companies in its exhibition area that will be organized by sectors in different areas. Zamakona Yards, which is also part of the companies collaborating in this prestigious event, will be present through a space to present the latest developments and projects.

    If you are planning to attend World Maritime Week and wish to visit us we will be happy to assist you in the pavilion LU B-38/40 C-29/31 or if you wish you can send us an email to tell us your best day and time to meet us.

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  • Salon Halieutis Agadir

    Zamakona Yards will be present at the Salon Halieutis 2017 in Agadir

    There is no doubt that Morocco, due to its double slope, Atlantic and Mediterranean, is one of the most relevant players in the fishing sector. It counts with 3,500 kilometres of coastline that offers a rich diversity in marine biodiversity and a specific specificity of the ecosystem. It is one of the main drivers of the economy of Morocco and a priority sector in the government strategy of Horizon 2020.

    According to official sources, Moroccan waters constitute an exclusive area of 1 million square kilometres, where one million of fish tonnes is produced, thanks to the 1,800 coastal fishing boats, 14,000 artisanal vessels and 356 fishing boats for high seas.

    The Moroccan fisheries sector enjoys international prestige which has enabled it to become the leading producer of fish in Africa and the world’s largest producer and exporter of sardines (sardina pilchardus). Currently, Morocco has signed different agreements related with the fish sector with the European Union and Russia.

    In order to put up the value of the Moroccan fishing sector, the Salon Halieutis is celebrated every two years. This fourth edition will take place between the 15th and 19th February 2017, consolidating itself as a platform for business, communication, promotion, search for partners , Cooperation and innovation.

    A space that will have 16,000 square meters of exhibition and with five main axes:

    ·         Fleet and gear

    ·         Valuation and procesess

    ·         Institutional

    ·         International

    ·         Animation

    This edition is expected to brake the record of the previous edition, with the assistance of more than 36 countries, with more than 350 exhibitors and surpass the number of 50,000 visitors.

    Challenger vesselFor all this, Zamakona Yards will once again participate in this international event, with the objective of offering to the Moroccan and international fishing sector the services that our group offers specifically to the sector, such as the design, newbuid, repair and the refit of specialized vessels in any of our three shipyards located in the Canary Islands (Las Palmas Port) and in the Basque Country, specifically in the ports of Pasajes and Bilbao. A good example of our experience in the fishing industry of these types of vessels are the latest tuna vessels equipped with the most current technologies such as the Ízaro, Ljubica, Challenge and the Jai Alai.

    If you are planning to attend the Salon Halieutis, visit us at our stand (121/122) or send us an email to specify the day and time that suits you best to meet us.

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  • 5th edition of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference – DIMDEX 2016


    ZAMAKONA YARDS is participating in the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference , DIMDEX 2016


    Hosted and organized by the Qatar Armed Forces, the 5th edition of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference – DIMDEX 2016 –is taking place in Doha from the 29th until 31st , March 2016.


    Is because our versatility and our good business relationships with middle east we are present in this important exhibition with Mahmood Al Rawahi Group, strengs the relationship with our customers in the Middle East is our main goal.




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  • Zamakona Yards takes place in Aqua Nor 2015

    Tomorrow begins the Aqua Nor 2015, the main international event of the aquaculture industry and the largest technology exhibition of this sector in the world.


    The fair has been held for more than thirty years in the city of Trondheim, Norway, and will, in this edition, count over 400 exhibitors from all over the world.


    Zamakona Yards is well known in the industry as we´ve been the first to build two ships for the transport of live salmon, the Ronja Polaris and the Ronja Huon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqT0-aZKiEE) for our customer Sølvtrans.


    Although we have already taken place in this fair on other occasions, this year we have our own stand. The Zamakona Yards team will be present at stand A2-621.


    If you are planning to go to the exhibition make sure you come visit us, we will be happy to assist you!

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  • Zamakona Yards participates in the Nor-Shipping 2015

    The Nor-Shipping 2015 opened yesterday in the city of Oslo, Norway and Zamakona Yards is taking place once again.


    The 50th edition of this leading event of the maritime industry is celebrated this year with 996 stands or exhibitors.


    The exhibition will last until the 5th of this month and brings together professionals from all around the world to share knowledge and keep them updated on the current situation of this important sector and its latest developments.


    The Zamakona Yards team will be on stand HALL B03 – 02A.


    If you are planning to go to the exhibition make sure you visit us, we will be happy to assist you! It will be the perfect opportunity to discuss any topic you may find interesting.

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  • Zamakona Yards takes place in the OTC 2015

    The Offshore Technology Conference 2015 (OTC 2015) is about to start and Zamakona Yards will be there once again!


    The conference will take place in the city of Houston, USA between the 4th and 7th of May. The OTC is the most important event of the Offshore industry and brings together leading companies and professionals around the world.


    We will have the opportunity to inform our colleagues on the latest repair and transformation undertaken on various platforms and share with them our short-term projects to offer our services at our facilities in Las Palmas Port.

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  • Zamakona Yards participates in the Sinaval-Eurofishing Elite fair

    The Sinaval-Eurofishing Elite fair opened yesterday its doors in Bilbao for its 20th edition. Until Thursday April 23 it will be the meeting point for all professionals in the naval, maritime, port, fishing and marine energy sector which is the most important professional event of the year in Spain.


    Zamakona Yards once again will participate in this important event as it is for us an opportunity to present our latest buildings and ship repair services.


    If you are planning to go to the show make sure to visit us, we will be happy to help you!

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  • Great Success of the Halieutis Fair 2015

    Yesterday the third edition of the Salon Halieutis in the Moroccan city of Agadir was closed. This fair is one of the most important international forums between professionals and companies in the extractive fishing, aquaculture and assessment of marine and fishery products. It involved more than 300 exhibitors and is estimated to have been visited by 60,000 people, including professionals and public in general.


    Zamakona Yards was also present at the event visiting major fleet owners who repaired in our shipyards in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and putting up with the current situation of this important sector and its latest developments.

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  • Zamakona takes part at the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference & Awards 2015

    Yesterday the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference & Awards 2015 closed in London, one of the leading specialized events in the offshore sector.


    Zamakona Yards has participated in order to have a firsthand knowledge of trends and uprights in this important sector organized by the prestigious Riviera group.

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