• REPNAVAL starts the New Year with a full house!

    REPNAVAL, the shipyard, belonging to our group, Zamakona Yards in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, has started the New Year in the best way possible, with a near capacity occupancy. What better way to start the year than with marvelous weather of 24ºC and multiple projects in our shipyard.

    We would like to thank our loyal customers for once again entrusting their vessels to us to repair and put into condition to return to sea again.

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  • The new slipway Number 4 with a máximum capacity of 5500 Tons

    Since finishing the adaptation work on our slipway Nº 4 of our REPNAVAL Shipyard at the Port of Las Palmas which can service vessels up to 126 M length and 5500 Tons we haven’t stopped working on vessels which we could not accommodate previously with our limited capacity. Thus, recently, we have drydocked the Vessel “Angel” (before, “Caliope”) of 113 M and 3500 Tons and we are now drydocking the pontoon Koca Yusuf of 92 M length and 27.5 M width. All of which means that the effort and investment we have made w justifiable as shown by the enthusiastic reception and demand of our customers for the drydocking of their vessels.


    Carro Repnaval

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  • The Spanish Hospital Ships, “Juan De La Cosa” and “Esperanza Del Mar” repaired in Zamakona Yards

    Recently, we’ve successfully carried out repairs and maintenance simultaneously on the two emblematic government owned hospital ships, Juan De La Cosa and Esperanza Del Mar.


    It occurred that the two vessels were repaired simultaneously. The vessel Juan De La Cosa was repaired at Zamakona Pasaia yard at San Sebastian and the Esperanza Del Ma” at our yard, Repnaval, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


    Both projects were offered at public bidding and our proposals were the winners. We take great pride in being able to offer our services to these two emblematic vessels which are carrying out such important work in attending to the needs of our fishing men in the areas where they are working.

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  • Visita del Alcalde de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a Zamakona Yards

    En la mañana de hoy viernes 29 de noviembre a las 8:30, el Excmo. Sr. Alcalde de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, D. Juan José Cardona realizó una visita a las instalaciones de Zamakona Yards en el Puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Estuvo acompañado por la Concejala de distrito Puerto Dña. Carolina León y el Jefe Área Infraestructuras e Ingeniería de la Autoridad Portuaria, D. Salvador Capella.


    Durante la visita se mantuvo una reunión de trabajo con el CEO del Grupo Zamakona Yards en Canarias D. Alvaro Garaygordóbil, con el Director General D. Borja Garaygordóbil y el Director de Marketing D. Leandro Aguirreche.


    Durante la reunión el Sr. Alcalde tuvo la oportunidad de conocer de primera mano la actividad de reparaciones navales que desarrolla nuestro grupo en Gran Canaria desde 1972, mostrándose muy interesado en los proyectos actuales que Zamakona Yards está realizando.


    Ahora mismo, Zamakona Yards está trabajando en la ampliación del carro Nº 4 y la futura construcción de un Taller especializado en la reparación de hélices azimutales en la parcela recientemente concedida por el consejo de la Autoridad Portuaria en el muelle Reina Sofía.


    El Sr. Cardona destacó la importancia de nuestro sector en la economía canaria y expresó la absoluta disposición del Ayuntamiento que preside a colaborar en la promoción de nuestro puerto como una de las ejes claves del plan de internacionalización de la ciudad que está liderando.


    Desde aquí queremos agradecer su visita y congratularnos por la gran sintonía demostrada con los retos de futuro del sector de las reparaciones navales, del Puerto de Las Palmas, y por ende de nuestra ciudad.

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  • Modernization and improvement at Zamakona Yards Canary Islands

    As part of our program to improve our services for OUR CUSTOMERS, we are proud to inform you that work has commenced at ours shipyard at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Repnaval (Zamakona Yards), increasing the capacity and tonnage or our slipways.


    Specifically, we are preparing our slipway Nº 4 to receive vessels of 120 meters length and 20 meters breadth with lightweight tonnages of 5500 Tons for flat bottomed vessels and 4500 Tons for keeled vessels. The work is expected to be completed in January of 2014.


    You can see an infographic showing the details of the Project. We are confident that with this investment Repnaval will continue to be the shipyard of reference in the port of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, expanding our capacity to offer quality services for the maintenance and repair of your vessels and those of other ship owners and operators.


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  • XIV Edition of the Half and Quarter Marathon in the Port of Las Palmas

    On Sunday the 19th of May, Zamakona Yards participated in the XIV Edition of the Half and Quarter Marathon in the Port of Las Palmas. Our 34 runners from the yard made it to the finish line after having completed the 10,5 or 21 km. 2 persons even made to the podium on third place. One in the category of “promises” and the other person in the category of “veterans”. With a celebration party at the facilities of Zamakona Yards.


    Congratulations to all participants!

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