Zamakona Group is committed to providing the highest quality services in keeping with Occupational Risk Prevention and respect for the environment in all of our activities. We work under the following basic principals in order to continually achieve this all important objective:

  • Continual improvement, guaranteeing control of all company elements that could affect the environment, negatively affect the health of our workers, and improvement in performance quality in order to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.
  • Integrate, through flexible organisation without duplication of tasks, Quality Assurance and Safety, Health and Environment Managements Systems into all our operations, activities and services.
  • Maintain contact with clients and interested external parties in order to tailor our services to current necessities and to environmental requirements as well as those of occupational safety and security.
  • Achieve service efficiency compatible with the environmental protection and the safety and health of our workers, considering the possible repercussions our activity has on the environment and staff.

To put these principals into practice Zamakona Yards is committed to:

  • Complying with current environmental legislation and that of occupational health and safety, as well those requirements we subscribe to at Zamakona Yards.
  • Continually Measure the quality of services provided as a way to improve the efficiency of our services and the manufacturing of products, as well as the elimination of non-quality costs.
  • Set and periodically review the goals and objectives in implementing this policy within the process of continuous improvement of our business.
  • Consider as a fundamental objective the complete satisfaction of our clients, providing service tailored to their specifications, whose quality and reliability corresponds to the expectations of perfection that have formed the basis for trust in our service.
  • Solve in a quick, satisfactory and friendly way any errors in services offered or rendered, complaints and queries from our customers, thus reducing complaints and incidents.
  • Promote awareness and participation of all staff through training plans and suitable activities.
  • Improve our day-to-day work in order to minimise waste generation, establish contamination control and provide the necessary resources needed to do so. This way, Zamakona Yards places more importance on the prevention of environmental harm than on later correction of harm already done.
  • Use resources rationally and promote a policy of saving amongst our staff.
  • Convey our commitment to our environment and especially to our suppliers and clients, participating hand in hand with them in their quality, environment and prevention management plans.
Mr. Pedro Garaygordóbil
All Zamakona Yards group companies currently possess the ISO 9001 and 14001 Certificates and OSHA 18001 (Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Safety and Health Management).
The methods and work of Zamakona Yards have been tested and approved by the major classification societies such as: