• Zamakona Yards commitment to Health, Safety and Envioronment (HSE)

    Recently our employees have had the opportunity to participate in a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) theoretical practice focused on working at height, work in confined spaces and prevention techniques and firefighting.


    The courses were taught by the prestigious ASEPEYO mutua insurer and to do it was enabled a complete simulator where practices were conducted.


    To Zamakona Yards safety comes first, and therefore we are constantly investing in training and resources for our workers since any effort in this area is small.

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  • Practice in Zamakona Yards

    The students are from Felo Monzón Secondary School Grau Bassas, New Isleta Tony Gallardo, Lomo Apolinario, 7 Palmas and the University of Las Palmas. They are receiving theoretical and practical training on lathe machines, boilers, electricity and computers.


    In Zamakona Yards, we are very pleased to offer this training to new generations of students and cooperate on their career development.

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    With the desire to improve the training of our employees and therefore the service we provide to our customers, Nicol & Andrew moved to the Canary Islands to train our staff.


    Originally founded in 1952, Nicol & Andrew was the first company of its kind to carry out in-situ machining and repairs on marine propulsion units such as diesel engines. The in-situ marine repairs allows a very rapid response and total dedication to getting the equipment back in running order in the minimum possible time.


    For ten days a training has been conducted in our facilities enabling us to grind and polish crankpin in situ without dismantling and removing the engine crankshaft.


    This saves time and cost and can repair 90% of damaged cranks. Currently our equipment allows for crankpin machining between 170-325 mm in diameter and 140-400 mm wide materials although for other measures, Nicol & Andrew would supply the necessary material.


    If you need more information about this and others services, please contact us.

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