• Esvagt-Dana

    Entrega de nuestra nueva construcción 780 ESVAGT DANA

    Esta mañana ZAMAKONA YARDS ha entregado el Esvagt Dana al propietario danés ESVAGT.

    El objetivo del buque es el cambio de tripulación, asistencia en situaciones de emergencia a plataformas marinas, apoyo durante programas de mantenimiento en parques eólicos, et

    Con 88.40 mts de eslora y 15.00 mts de manga, tiene la última generación de propulsión eléctrica diesel, obteniendo 18 nudos y logrando una reducción del 13% en el consumo de combustible en comparación con las propulsiones convencionales.

    El barco tiene capacidad para albergar hasta 76 personas alojadas en cabinas individuales y tiene un nuevo sistema de pescantes telescópicos para bajar las embarcaciones de trabajo en ambos lados del barco.

    Esta nueva entrega corresponde con el cuarto buque para ESVAGT y nos enorgullece decir que estamos en proceso de construir la quinta unidad para ellos, un buque de servicio de alta tecnología de primera clase que se entregará en 2019 para operar en los parques eólicos del Mar del Norte.

    Zamakona Yards Group tiene instalaciones en Santurtzi (Vizcaya), Pasajes (Guipúzcoa) y Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Islas Canarias), con más de 41 años de experiencia en la construcción y reparación de todo tipo de buques.

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    Last week, in Zamakona Shipyard Bilbao, we layed the keel in the tuna purse seiner. The keel-laying certificate was issued by Bureau Veritas.


    Echebastar Fleet SLU has entered into a contract with Zamakona Yards for a 1,900m3 tuna purse seiner, scheduled for delivery in January 2014. The investment will be about €30m which will be financed by the owner’s own resources as well as external financing, still to be defined.


    This will be the first of a new generation of tuna vessels, designed and developed by Cintranaval-Defcar. The ship is equipped with the latest technology to detect fish, freezing systems and tuna handling.


    The 88m long, 14m wide vessel will have a capacity for 1,900m3, and is arranged to transport up to 1,330t of tuna. The ship will be fitted with 20 cargo tanks (freezing and storage) for tuna. The fish catch will be frozen by brine pickle dive in the cargo tank, and then conserved dry frozen in the same tank.


    “Building this vessel represents to Zamakona Yards a significant milestone in its history. We want to express our thanks to the directors board of Echebastar for the trust given to our yard, and confident that all expectations in this project will be fulfilled in excess”, says Pedro Garaygordobil, president of Zamakona Yards.


    For this project, Echebastar and Zamakona have committed to use local suppliers as much as possible. The order will give a workload of about 350,000 hours, or two years, of guaranteed work for both.

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    Last August 01 Zamakona Shipyards the vessel “ESVAGT AURORA” to Esvagt AS, Company belonging to the Danish multinational A.P. Møller-Mærsk.


    This is the third vessel the Zamakona Yards has built for this Client. The main mission of the vessel is to remain on stand by, and give immediate assistance to offshore platforms in emergency situations. The vessel is specially adapted to the harsh climate conditions in the BARENTS SEA, where she will start operating for ENI NORGE AS on a 10 year charter contract.


    The vessel integrates the lastest technological developments for launching and recovery of rescue boats, de-icing equipment to avoid ice accretion on the decks as well as pollution control gear, fulfilling the highest standards required by the Norwegian Authorities for this kind of vessels.


    “The delivery of this vessel represents the consolidation of Shipyard ZAMAKONA among the world leaders in building Stand By vessels. We would like to express our thanks to ESVAGT for trusting in ZAMAKONA, and we are sure that ESVAGT AURORA will fulfill and exceed the expectations put in her” states the President of ZAMAKONA GROUP Pedro GARAYGORDOBIL.


    The vessel is 87 m long, 17 m wide and has 9.240 kW of diesel-electric power. It is easily recognizable to it’s X-bow. The vessel can perform high sea towage tasks, and she is fitted with a duplex dynamic positioning system, which allows her to keep the position even in very adverse climate conditions with hurricane force winds and rough sea. This feature gives her the capacity to operate ROVs in difficult conditions  in deep seas.


    The vessel and its equipment are in full compliance with the environmental class designation “CLEAN DESIGN”, since the vessel is respectful with the environment, in particular regarding the gas emissions and liquids. It has also achieved a high DnV Comf-V notation due to low noise and vibration levels, and “allowing the crew good comfort and resting on board”.


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    Atlantic Offshore has ordered two new vessels, worth €50 million from Zamakona Yards in Bilbao, Spain. Atlantic Offshore has placed orders for two FSV (Fast Supply Vessel) with towing bollard. Additionally, the company have options for two more vessels, of corresponding price. Zamakona Yards have built several similar vessels in the recent years, and have solid international references relating to quality and delivery time. Both vessels, and any options, will be delivered during 2014.


    The vessels are tied to the contracts Atlantic Offshore have entered with oil companies Total and Shell United Kingdom, and will operate in both Norwegian and British sectors. We will be built in the HY 820 design, developed by Havyard in close cooperation with Atlantic Offshore. Zamakona Yards will involve Norwegian subcontractors for the newbuilds.


    The vessels represent, in all aspects, one of the most modern standby vessel, and the oil companies are eager to acquire vessels that can serve functions beyond emergency rescue and response.


    It is imperative that future FSV vessels can alleviate platforms with towing and cargo-storage capacity. The vessels are equipped with hospital facilities with providing for up to 300 people. One vessel will be delivered with advanced firefighting capacity (FiFi II). The vessels are 68 meters long and 16 meters wide.

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