• Launching of the ship Ocean Osprey in Pasajes

    Last August 21st, Zamakona Yards Group successfully completed the launching of the ship “Ocean Osprey” at its facilities in Pasajes (northern Spain). The ship is the first delivery of three that Zamakona has signed with the Norwegian shipping company Atlantic Offshore AS. The ship’s main mission will be to provide immediate attention to emergency situations on oil rigs, being specially adapted to the harsh conditions of the North Sea. There, the vessel will start operations for the oil company Shell in the beginning of 2014.


    The ship under construction in Pasajes is a Field Support Vessel (FSV) with HY820 Havyard design. With an estimated price of 25 million Euros, the vessel incorporates the latest technologies including deck systems for towing operations with a pulling capacity of 65 tons. With a length of 66.80 meters and a beam of 16 meters it is able to rescue 300 people. It has 2 MAN main engines with a power of 1930 kW each.


    Zamakona Yards Group has facilities in Santurtzi (Vizcaya), Pasajes (Guipúzcoa) and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), with over 41 years of experience in shipbuilding and repairs of all types of vessels. We specialize in offshore vessels, fishing boats and tugs.


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  • ZAMAKONA YARDS with the assistance by MMC promotes the RONJA POLARIS at AQUANOR 13

    Last week, ZamakonaYards participated in the AQUANOR 2013 fair. It is an event organized by the Nor-Fishing Foundation, created in 1992 by the Fishing Ministry in Norway. It is held every two years in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. This event brings together the leading companies from Europe and South America involved in Aquaculture.


    On Wednesday 14, ZamakonaYards together with the MMC Group AS made ​​a presentation for several wellboat shipowners. Both companies held an exhibition, as well as presented the joint construction project elaborated for Solvtrans AS. The Ronja Polaris ship, a vessel used for transporting live fish. The wellboat measures 75.80 meters and is 16 meters wide. It has capacity for 11 crewmembers and has two Rolls Royce main engines.


    Next day, a get-together dinner was held together with MMC AS and Sovtrans AS. A nice time was spent in the presence of LEIF GJELSETH, CEO of MMC AS, FRODE BAADE, Operations Manager at Solvtrans AS and VICTOR VARGAS, CEO of Solvtrans CHILE SA among others.

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  • Repairs in our yard in Pasajes, Spain

    For the past months, among the relevant jobs performed at ZAMAKONA Yards in PASAJES, there are the docking of the tug JOAQUIM RUYRA and the general cargo vessel MUROS.


    JOAQUIM RUYRA is 26 m long Aquamaster Tractor Tug and achieving a bollard pull of 46 t. The vessel belongs to REMOLQUES Y SERVICIOS MARITIMOS (REYSER), one of the major tug operators in Spain, and is based in the harbor of SANTANDER. The works performed included hull painted, tank disposal and washing, and the main engines general overhaul together with the azimuthal propellers from SCHOTTEL. Some minor jobs including box cooler cleaning, piping… were also included. This is the 5th vessel from REYSER to be docked this year in ZAMAKONA PASAIA. This confirms the confidence given in ZAMAKONA YARDS, but also it’s capability.


    The vessel MUROS is a 90 x 14,40 m general cargo vessel belonging to NAVIERA MURUETA. MURUETA is a well established Client of ZAMAKONA Yards, and uses to dock whenever possible the vessels in PASAJES now for more than 5 years. The works performed were mainly hull paint, hatch cover repairs with special care on the seals, rudder repair and some minor works on valves, steel work and mechanical parts.


    In May in the port of BILBAO, the recently delivered RORO link span Nr 7, built by ZAMAKONA in 2012, suffered a damage while the ferry departed. The ferry slightly hit the pontoon and pushed the complete link spam back of a few cm. The foundations on shore were damaged, counter weight devices bent, and the electrical supply pulled away, so that the ramp could no longer be operated. Within 24 h ZAMAKONA mobilized 2 heavy lift cranes to lose the link spam from the pontoon and start a provisional repair. After 12 days work, the ramp came back into operation.



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  • OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY – A big challenge and an opportunity to grow

    This report tackles the excellent opportunities that sea provides citizens and companies in Europe. The latest technological improvements will push this industry to unimaginable levels. Let see the future forecasts.


    Europe’s seas and oceans are rich in opportunities and sources of employment for our economy. Covering around 70% of the surface of the Earth – the ‘blue planet’ – their potential for economic growth and competitiveness needs to be tapped. However, this will not happen without proactive thinking from European and national decision makers. They must develop a dynamic maritime and research agenda to support what is known as the ‘blue economy’. José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission.


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