• Classifying Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs)

    As marine resource development is moving further offshore and into deep sea regions, there is an increasing demand for multi-purpose offshore support vessels, capable of not only transporting cargo to and from offshore floating facilities, but also covering mooring, installation, and fire fighting operations in a wide variety of offshore environments.


    All these matters require new generation offshore support vessels, generally more technically-advanced and with special features. OSV vessels are playing a vital role in different fields, including maintaining and supplying offshore oil and gas operations.



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  • XIV Edition of the Half and Quarter Marathon in the Port of Las Palmas

    On Sunday the 19th of May, Zamakona Yards participated in the XIV Edition of the Half and Quarter Marathon in the Port of Las Palmas. Our 34 runners from the yard made it to the finish line after having completed the 10,5 or 21 km. 2 persons even made to the podium on third place. One in the category of “promises” and the other person in the category of “veterans”. With a celebration party at the facilities of Zamakona Yards.


    Congratulations to all participants!

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  • S/Y ANTARES – Dismount, mount and align a new main engine


    The 40 x 8 metres Grand Cayman flagged sailing yacht arrived to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a blown main engine. Zamakona Yards dismounted and diagnosed the engine. The owner decided to buy a new engine by a different brand and bring it by air. When it arrived, we demounted it to fit it into the engine room of the yacht. The most laborious jobs were the modifications of the bed frame, engine legs, pipes for the new engine, as well as to fabricate a frame for the new heat exchanger and the installment of a new water pump and piping. When everything was in place, we aligned the engine and the yacht returned to its home port, Palma de Mallorca.


    Good trip.

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  • Offshore Conference success organized by Zamakona Yards in the Port of Las Palmas

    Zamakona Yards organized a lecture-conference meeting focused on the offshore Oil & Gas Market in West Africa in cooperation with the Naval Repairers Association (RNA) on Monday the 6th of May.


    Our Group is aware of the strategic importance of this booming industry has to the port of Las Palmas and the great challenges ship repair industry will face in the coming years. The goal is for the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas to achieve a leading position serving this emerging market.


    The presentation was given by Mr. Adolfo Marrodán, Naval Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Shipping and Ports, who has extensive industry experience and has spent most of his professional work in West Africa.


    The event was held in the auditorium of the Port Authority, with the presence of Mr. Luis Ibarra (President of the Port Authority of Las Palmas) and Mr. Borja Garaygordóbil (Deputy Director of Zamakona Yards in the Canary Islands).


    The conference was attended by over 70 people from major ship repair companies within the sector in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.


    The program addressed various topics such as: – The history of offshore business – Sector requirements to work as providers of products and services. – General current situation overview of the oil sector today (Upstream, midstream and downstream) and future prospects globally and in Africa. – Main players in the niche offshore upstream sector. – Offshore sector impact on the maritime economy and on upstream. – Analysis of companies involved in the sector – Legal and regulatory aspects.


    To finish, we wish to express our gratitude to all participants for their attendance and to Mr. Adolfo Marrodán and Mr. Luis Ibarra for supporting this initiative.

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  • Zamakona Yards Canary Islands with the sport

    The 19th of May, Zamakona Yards in Las Palmas participates with 35 people in the half and quarter marathon. We wish you all good luck and will come back with pictures after the event.

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  • Zamakona Yards and BSC/Germany sign a representation agreement



    Zamakona Yards and BSC/Germany have the pleasure to announce that they have concluded a Representation Agreement for the German Market since 25th March 2013.


    Purpose is to increase the commercial openings and opportunities since Germany represents one of Zamakona’s most important targeted country. This market is relevant mainly for repair activities in all the THREE shipyards of the group, means LAS PALMAS, BILBAO and PASAJES. Work is expected to be developed in close cooperation and mutual benefit.


    Mr Steinjan has a long and worldwide ranging expertise in the fleet management of vessels of any kind, but also of the German Ship Owners and Operators. BSC is located in RHAUDERFEHN, very close to LEER. LEER may be a little town, but definitively a relevant city regarding shipping business, where also important Ship Owners like HARTMANN, BRIESE, CARISBROOKE… are located/based.


    BSC’s direct contacts are following:

    Neu-Glansdorfer-Str. 57 – 26817 Rhauderfehn – Germany

    Mob.: +49 174 9969535 – Mob.: +49 171 3650549 – Tel.: +49 4952 829355

    e-Mail: info@bsteinjan.de – Web: www.bsteinjan.de

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