We bought recently a governor test stand of the AK8 serie. This machine is from the brand Regulateurs Europa, and it´s the only that you can find in the middle atlantic ocean.


    The AK8 is an electrically driven governor test stand for permanent installation. The purpose of the rig is to assist in adjunsting, servicing and testing the performance of hydraulic speed governors and hydraulic actuators. The test stand has been designed to simulate diesel engine operating conditions; the governor and test stand form a closed loop system.


    For the sitting-up and testing of hydraulic actuators the test stand can also operate in open loop mode. In that instance the drive speed is set at, and controlled from, the stand itself.


    The basis of the test stand is a sophisticated PLC. The PLC controls a Frequency Converter which in turn drives a 5.5 kW electric motor. The governor or actuator is direct driven by the electric motor.


    When in closed loop mode, the test stand simulates a diesel engine. This involves that the “load” of the engine is simulated on by test stand. If the set speed of the governor is altered the governor output will change momentary to increase or decrease the amount of “fuel ” applied. This will cause the drive speed to change accordingly.


    Also if the simulated load on the test stand is changed the output position of the governor will change to maintain the set speed.

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