Zamakona Yards delivered the Tuna-Freezer vessel Ízaro to the Echebastar Group

The Echebaster Group received its new Tuna-Freezer vessel last Saturday at 12:00 from the hands of Zamakona Yards after its inauguration at the Maritime Cruise Station at Getxo, Port of Bilbao.


This new Tuna vessel has a length of almost 90 meters and a capacity of 1900 m3 of fish in its 20 freezers with accommodation for 42 crew aboard and a top speed of 18.2 knots. This Saturday, the inauguration of the first of a series of three Tuna-Freezer vessels of similar characteristics that Zamakona Yards will deliver to the Bermean company by next year.



The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Kepa Echebarría (Executive Representative of the Echebaster Group) and Mr, Pedro Garaygordóbil (President of Zamakona) and the “Madrina” of this Tuna Vessel will be Mrs. Mª Asunción Munitiz Torres, shareholder of the proprietor company of the vessel. The ceremony was attended by some two hundred and fifty people including distinguished representatives of the Basque and central governments, The Government of the Seychelles, The Port of Bilbao, The Bank, Consultants, Personnel from the Zamakona Shipyard, Suppliers, customers of the group and partners and staff of the fishing company. Afterwards a dinner was celebrated at the Hotel Carlton of Bilbao to mark the important event.


The ” Izaro” is construction Nº 720 of the Shipyard at Santurce; it is a project of a new design with the latest and most modern technology, built to the specifications of this Fishing Company at Bermeo. Some of the innovations in the superstructure and bridge of aluminum, the quick freezing tunnels at -60º and an innovative system of fish separation which returns non targeted fish alive to the ocean with little human intervention. The vessel is also equipped with safe zones and anti piracy measures.


This reaffirms the Echebastar Group’s leadership in quality and sustainable fishing. Actually, the Echebaster Group is in the process of evaluation by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) an independent organization which certifies sustainable fishing and is well organized worldwide. This is the first Spanish Fishery of Tropical Tuna to submit itself to a full evaluation by MSC.


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