The protection solution for pirate attacks in Zamakona Yards

According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), the piracy is rising in West Africa. In the Gulf of Guinea, there have been 58 incidents in 2012, including 10 hijackings and 207 crew members taken hostage. The pirates in this area are particularly violent, with guns reported in at least 37 of the attacks. Benin is an exception, showing a sharp fall from 20 incidents (including eight hijackings) in 2011 to two (including one hijacking) in 2012.


Since early February have been producing pirate attacks on various vessels in this area, and the international news all point to that violence and hijackings will unfortunately continue off the coast of Africa.


This leads to an unsafe environment for everyone working on ships in this area as well possible as loss of material and time. Zamakona Yards together with CollBaix (Marine Armor System) are ready to protect our clientes. We prepare and install protective systems on vessels. We can not stop this threat, but we can help protect people!.


This factory is in a strategic location, being the Puerto de la Luz one of the most important ports for ship repairing in the Atlantic. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information¡.


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