During the last two months the Mauritanian patrol vessel Arguin has been docked at Zamakona Yards as well as alongside the Armamento wharf in the Port of Las Palmas. We had the honor of completing various jobs on this peculiar vessel belonging to the Mauritanian State.


    We did the following jobs: docking, hull cleaning, blasting, painting, change of anodes, clean grills, service thimbles, clean/replace valves, calibrate anchors and chains, steel works, supplies, carpentry, main engine works, auxiliary engines works, electrical works, change circulating pumps, fecal water pump and coolers repair, supply and install a new radar system.


    We wish Arguin and her crew all the best and hope to see this vessel or any other from the same owner with usin the near future.

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  • Offshore Conference success organized by Zamakona Yards in the Port of Las Palmas

    Zamakona Yards organized a lecture-conference meeting focused on the offshore Oil & Gas Market in West Africa in cooperation with the Naval Repairers Association (RNA) on Monday the 6th of May.


    Our Group is aware of the strategic importance of this booming industry has to the port of Las Palmas and the great challenges ship repair industry will face in the coming years. The goal is for the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas to achieve a leading position serving this emerging market.


    The presentation was given by Mr. Adolfo Marrodán, Naval Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Shipping and Ports, who has extensive industry experience and has spent most of his professional work in West Africa.


    The event was held in the auditorium of the Port Authority, with the presence of Mr. Luis Ibarra (President of the Port Authority of Las Palmas) and Mr. Borja Garaygordóbil (Deputy Director of Zamakona Yards in the Canary Islands).


    The conference was attended by over 70 people from major ship repair companies within the sector in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.


    The program addressed various topics such as: – The history of offshore business – Sector requirements to work as providers of products and services. – General current situation overview of the oil sector today (Upstream, midstream and downstream) and future prospects globally and in Africa. – Main players in the niche offshore upstream sector. – Offshore sector impact on the maritime economy and on upstream. – Analysis of companies involved in the sector – Legal and regulatory aspects.


    To finish, we wish to express our gratitude to all participants for their attendance and to Mr. Adolfo Marrodán and Mr. Luis Ibarra for supporting this initiative.

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  • Wilbert Tide in our shipyard in Canary Islands

    We just finished the works on the vessel WILBERT TIDE. The vessel has been in our shipyard Repnaval during 3 weeks.


    The Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS) WILBERT TIDE with IMO number 9268435 is the fifth vessel of TideWater in our slipways in Canary Islands. Tidewater created the “work boat” industry with its 1956 launch of the Ebb Tide, the world’s first offshore vessel tailor-made to support the offshore oil and gas industry. (more…)

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    With the desire to improve the training of our employees and therefore the service we provide to our customers, Nicol & Andrew moved to the Canary Islands to train our staff.


    Originally founded in 1952, Nicol & Andrew was the first company of its kind to carry out in-situ machining and repairs on marine propulsion units such as diesel engines. The in-situ marine repairs allows a very rapid response and total dedication to getting the equipment back in running order in the minimum possible time.


    For ten days a training has been conducted in our facilities enabling us to grind and polish crankpin in situ without dismantling and removing the engine crankshaft.


    This saves time and cost and can repair 90% of damaged cranks. Currently our equipment allows for crankpin machining between 170-325 mm in diameter and 140-400 mm wide materials although for other measures, Nicol & Andrew would supply the necessary material.


    If you need more information about this and others services, please contact us.

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    Last August 16th, the vessel DE VRIES TIDE arrived to our shipyard in Las Palmas. This is the third vessel of Tidewater that we repair in our shipyard in Canary Islands. 


    Tidewater is the leading provider of larger Offshore Service Vessels to the global energy industry. With its large, new vessel fleet, a global footprint, leading safety performance, and over 50 years of experience providing marine support services, they’re serving customers who are operating in more remote, deeper and increasingly hostile environments in order to meet the world’s energy demands.



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