Wilbert Tide in our shipyard in Canary Islands

We just finished the works on the vessel WILBERT TIDE. The vessel has been in our shipyard Repnaval during 3 weeks.


The Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS) WILBERT TIDE with IMO number 9268435 is the fifth vessel of TideWater in our slipways in Canary Islands. Tidewater created the “work boat” industry with its 1956 launch of the Ebb Tide, the world’s first offshore vessel tailor-made to support the offshore oil and gas industry.


Here the Scope of Works:

    • HULL PREPARATIONS AND PAINTING: cleaning, blasting and painting.
    • HULL REPAIRS: vent housing.
    • TANKS: fuel, ballast, fresh water, sewage, lube oil, dry bulk, liquid mud and miscellaneous tanks cleaning.
    • MAIN PROPELLERS: port main propeller, starboard main propeller and kort nozzles.
    • RUDDERS: port and starboard rudders.
    • THRUSTERS: bow thruster Nº1, bow thruster Nº2 and stern thruster.
    • DIESEL ENGINES: port main engine, starboard main engine, port main generator, starboard main generator and harbour generator.
    • ALTERNATORS: port main, starboard main, port diesel, starbord diesel and harbour alternator.
    • AUXILIARY MACHINERY: FO. flowmeter, FW. Flowmeter, DW. Flowmeter, pressure vessel, FW. Coolers, sewage plant, GS.fire pump, SW. cooling pump, dirty oil transfer pump, compressor, gearboxes, sea water piping, dispersant tanks, SW. cooling pipes and bulk compressor.
    • DECK MACHINERY: manholes, watertight doors, hawse cover, hawse pipe, steps, deck, windlass, capstans, tugger winch, deck crane, deck planks, mast stays, hatch covers.
    • ANCHOR HANDLING MACHINERY: towing winch and karm fork.
    • ELECTRICAL: F.O. transfer pump and cement compressor.
    • BRIDGE EQUIPMENT: radar 1, radar 2, gyro compass Nº2, magnetic compass, autopilot, GMDSS., VHF radio, MF/HF/DSC, inmarsat C, inmarsat-mes, urgent receiving units, GPS, Echo Sounder, depth indicator, doppler speed log, 2-Way radio, sound powered telephone system, integrated telephone system, PA/Talkback system, RPM, tachometer, bridge sofa and DP screen.
    • SAFETY EQUIPMENT: lifebouys, hand rails, alarm/shut down system, davit/crane, rescue boat winch, liferafts, lifebuoys, embarcation ladder and fire detection system.
    • ACCOMMODATION: galley range, refrigerator, hot water urn, bath tiles, HVAC, condensers and A/C Units.

We give thanks to Tidewater for its confidence in our services.

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