Crews from the Marine Action Ships (BAM) and the Canary Security Unit (USCAN) visited the Repnaval shipyard in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.


Both ship Officers and Marines visited the vessel Playa de Azkorri, which is currently being repaired at the shipyard. They checked security issues.


The visit was accompanied by the Captain. The vessel is a tuna fisher, similar to the ones operating in the Indian Ocean, where Operation Atalanta is taking place and where their vessels will be used In the near future.


This operation is organized by the Security Council of the UN to protect vessels of the World Food Program while bringing humanitarian help to Somalia.


Operation Atalanta is also authorized to deter, prevent and combat acts of piracy and armed robbery taking place off the coast of Somalia.


The Maritime Action VesselsBAM – are designed to carry out military missions of conventional and unconventional character regarding threats. BAM conducts committed presence, surveillance and limited actions of neutralization, all within Maritime Safety regulations.


The Canary Security Unit USCAN – is a component of the Marine Force Protection, with the mission of providing security to Navy staff and installations. The marine force protection is responsible for the area of the Canary Islands.


We hope their visit here will help them in their efforts to protect the Indian Ocean. Good luck.

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