• Zamakona Yards Canary Islands with the sport

    The 19th of May, Zamakona Yards in Las Palmas participates with 35 people in the half and quarter marathon. We wish you all good luck and will come back with pictures after the event.

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    History of Las Palmas Port


    Since ancient times the Bay of La Isleta, on the north-east coast of Gran Canaria, had been used by Phoenician and Roman ships as a safe anchorage; but it was not until 1478, the foundation year of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that regular port activities were to be seen in this harbour. 


    As soon as Spain extended its rule over the Canary Islands, Las Palmas became the main support base for maritime expeditions across the oceans. The famous navigator, Christopher Columbus, used the islands as a base for shiprepairs and as his last stop in Europe before sailing to the New World.  (more…)

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