Refit of the vessels VOS HERA & HADES


The Zamakona Yards in Pasajes has successfully finished the works carried out in the vessels VOS HADES and VOS HERA that belong to the Company Vroon Offshore Services UK.


The conversion required a major upgrade of the VOS H-Class to enable Rescue & Standby facilities for a Group B vessel. The project´s design done by OSD-IMT OFFSHORE SHIP DESIGNERS was created in order to meet the customer´s requirements and the UK MCA and UKOOA regulations.


– New accommodation areas such as treatment area, hospital, reception, survivors and non survivors’ facilities, etc have been done. For those areas, new steel modules have been necessary, rearrangement of several spaces on board, new rescue zone, etc.

– New bridge wings have been installed according to UKOOA requirements.

– New equipment have been installed, such as:

– Communication equipment for rescue vessel

– One (1) Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) and (1) Daughter Craft (DC)

– One (1) off Hydra marine HMD GM80 Daughter Craft Davit

– Fast Rescue Craft – One (1) off Kosen FRC / FRB

– Painter booms, etc.

– Re-arrangement of the deck machinery and crane.


The owner has used the conversion period to carry out the special survey of the vessel:

– Overhaul of the main engines.

– Review and cleaning of the gensets.

– Complete checking of the propulsion shafts, propellers, rudders, etc.

– Cleaning and painting of the hull.

– Docking and some outfitting works.


The Zamakona Yards Group takes this opportunity to thank once again the Vroon Company for trusting our group in their previous and more recent jobs and also OSD-IMT for the excellent cooperation with us.

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