After several years of work and maturity of the project the company CCB Zamakona Offshore, S.L. is a tangible and operational fact. One of the partners of this company is the Norwegian multinational Coast Center Base, company founded in 1963 that has built up considerable expertise as a service provider, in technical maintenance and harbour operations specialized in the offshore sector at Ågotnes in Fjell municipality in Norway.


Another partner of this company is held by the Spanish Company Zamakona Yards, one of the main shipbuilding and ship repair companies in Spain. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry located in the Bay of Biscay and in the Canary Islands, specialized in the construction, reparation and conversion of vessels.


The new company emerges to give assistance to the drilling rigs and FPSO`s operating on the West African and South American coast in the strategic location that the Canary Islands offers to this industry, more specifically in Las Palmas Port.

CCB Zamakona Offshore counts with the
“Achilles FPAL Oil & Gas Verified Advance Registration Profile”


  • Two (2) x Overhead cranes with 50 T capacity
  • Three (3) x Overhead cranes with 5 T capacity
  • 17 x 45 metres of service area
  • Hook height: 11 meters
  • Door dimensions: 10 m. wide x 6,8 m. high
Repair & Storage Area
  • 600m. / 1968ft. x 16m. / 52.5 ft.
Office building
  • Ground floor: Crew changing facilities
  • First floor: Offices and meeting room for clients
  • Second floor: Offices and meeting rooms for Sub-Contractors
  • Third floor: Offices and meeting rooms CCB Zamakona Offshore

Restaurant/Coffee shop


We have wide experience in building and repairing different types of vessels for the maritime industry and servicing, repairing, maintaining, modifying and installing new equipment on drilling rigs visiting the ports of Las Palmas and Tenerife. Some of our services are:
  • Renewal Survey
  • Project planning and management
  • Prefabrication
  • Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Mechanical and machine
  • Electro- & instrumentation
  • Scaffolding
  • HVAC
  • Hydraulic
  • Surface treatment
  • Underwater & diving
  • Hotel and Accommodations
  • Ventilation
  • Lifting operations
  • Cleaning
  • Interior work
  • Low radioactive handling
  • Waste handling and Management
  • Repair of Drill equipment

More Information


The strategic location of Las Palmas Port, at a crossroads between Europe, Africa and America, has made it the leading port in the Mid-Atlantic.


As an international port, it combines the importation and exportation of goods with every type of service required by vessels (supplies, provisions, repairs, etc.). There are also excellent facilities for fishing, passenger and leisure boat traffic. Regarding to the ship and offshore repair industry, Las Palmas Port is the major ship repair centre in the Mid-Atlantic region. For both dry dock and floating repairs it is equipped with the infrastructure required to handle all manner of vessels, from supertankers to yachts.


It has 170,000 m2 of shipyard, slipways equipped for 3,000 GRT, a Syncrolift with a 36,000 DWT capacity and a Travelift for yachts of up to 60 tonnes.


The Port has the largest shipyard in the region, with its work certified to ISO 9002 quality standard.


In addition, all the major classification companies and surveyors are represented in the port and there is an extensive range of highly qualified ship repair workshops.


Capacity of 3,000 GT.


Syncrolift for vessels of up to 36,000 DWT.


Travelift for vessels of up to 60 tonnes.