Delivery of the tugboat of latest generation VB XALOC

    The know-how of Zamakona Shipyards in collaboration of Robert Allan as a designer and the experience of Boluda Towage and Salvage as the operator in the tugboat have developed this new construction 768, “VB XALOC” tugboat AVT type that will be the new tugboat reference in port operations, loads and scort.

    This tugboat with a GT below 500 and a nautical length of 31,7 m and a beam of 12,8 m has a power of 7600 horsepower which delivers a bollard point of 79,6 tons. It has space for 8 people with a level “Comf-Noise 3” also a reference in the sector for this types of vessels.

    This vessel in the first of a serial that this Ship-owner has ordered and relied on Zamakona Shipyards due to its high standards in quality performance, timing and price.


    • Length o.a.: 31,57 metres
    • Beam, moulded: 12,80 metres
    • Depth, least moulded: 4,70 metres
    • Draft , moulded (Departure – 190 DWT): 3,58 metres
    • Draft, navigational (Departure – 190 DWT): 6,47 metres
    • Maximum load condition draught (Seagoing): aprox. 6,63 m
    • Crew: 8 men
    • International Tonnage: 497
    • Speed: 13,6 knots
    • Bollard pull: 79,60 ton
    • Indirect Steering Force (aprox): 10 knots 110 tonnes
    • Indirect Braking Force (aprox): 10 knots 100 tonnes

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  • Zamakona Yards delivered the Tuna-Freezer vessel Ízaro to the Echebastar Group

    The Echebaster Group received its new Tuna-Freezer vessel last Saturday at 12:00 from the hands of Zamakona Yards after its inauguration at the Maritime Cruise Station at Getxo, Port of Bilbao.


    This new Tuna vessel has a length of almost 90 meters and a capacity of 1900 m3 of fish in its 20 freezers with accommodation for 42 crew aboard and a top speed of 18.2 knots. This Saturday, the inauguration of the first of a series of three Tuna-Freezer vessels of similar characteristics that Zamakona Yards will deliver to the Bermean company by next year.



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  • Zamakona Yards signs a contract to build a Tuna Fisher

    Zamakona Yards has just been awarded a new contract for the construction of a tuna fishing and freezing vessel for the company Pesquera Miriam SA worth $ 35 million.


    The ship “LJUBICA“, 89.8 meters in length, is designed for Cintranaval-Defcar S.L. and will have a storage tank capacity of 2,000 m3.


    The vessel with construction number C-739 from the shipyard is a fine example of the degree of specialization achieved by Zamakona Yards in building ships for the fishery sector. Zamakona Yards is currently building another tuna fisher with similar characteristics for the company HARTSWATER LIMITED LTD. Delivery is scheduled for January 2014.


    In addition, Zamakona Yards is developing two projects for SOLVSTRANS to build live fish transport vessels (WELLBOAT) with a load capacity of 3,000 m3.


    This order strengthens Zamakona Yards’position as one of the Spanish leaders in shipbuilding. This latest contract adds to the five vessels currently under construction in our shipyards.


    The ship “LJUBICA” is scheduled for delivery during the fourth quarter of 2014.

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  • Shipbuilding in Vizcaya in the nineteenth and twentieth century

    By Jesús M ª Valdaliso


    The transition from sail to steam vessels and the crisis of traditional shipyards


    The wooden shipbuilding industry which had a tradition for centuries in Vizcaya, after a depressing situation in the first three decades of the nineteenth century, enjoyed its last boom in the 1840s and 1850s, due to the trade revival and the maritime transport on one hand and the protection duty by the State on the other. The Basque Provinces were integrated to the Spanish Crown customs system. (more…)

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