Zamakona Yards has been played a main role in this investigation project. The objective of this Basque Maritime Forum project was the design and construction of an intelligent fishing vessel prototype to form part of the coastal fleet. The vessel will offer optimal safety standards and automation of elements related to navigation and fishing manoeuvres, and will be capable of fishing responsibly, competitively and efficiently.


    All the processes of the prototype will be automated. Fish handling will be reduced to a minimum. Because it will be possible to weigh and classify the product onboard, the fish-sale process can be carried out while the ship is still at sea, without the need to go to auction. Fuel consumption will also be reduced by means of dieselelectric propulsion.


    The final result is a pole and line tuna vessel, i.e., a vessel belonging to the coastal seining segment. The objective is to maximising vessel profitability by means of more costeffective fishing and by enabling automated control of all processes, from fish storage to net casting and from fuel consumption to equipment operation.


    The most striking aspects of the new vessel are those featuring the greatest innovation: the modular hold, the bridge and the new propulsion system. These represent the greatest enhancements with respect to current fishing vessels.


    The objective in all respects was a vessel design featuring innovative elements. Priority was given to energy efficiency but enhanced safety, comfortable onboard working conditions (mechanisation and automation of fish handling, accommodation), and information and communications technologies were also emphasised.



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