• Repnaval (from Zamakona Yards Group) completes work on the capacity expansion of the nr 4 slipway

    The dean shipyard in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Repnaval. SA, belonging to the group Zamakona Yards, is already operating its number 4 new slipway.


    After an investment of nearly 5 million Euros, this car will in practice double the capacity of existing stranded because from now this slipway can accommodate vessels up to 120 meters length by 20 meters beam and 5,500 tons. With these new capabilities Repnaval can serve almost 80% of the vessels that operate in its area.


    While the yard has four slipways that can reach up to 120 meters in length, the most important innovation is the ability to drag because previously the limit was 3,200 tons.


    “We have undertaken this major investment mainly to respond to the numerous fleets of OSV ships operating our area, some of which have had to stop attending because they cannot get their specifications, especially in tonnage” says Mr. Álvaro Garaygordóbil, CEO of the Zamakona Yards group in the Canary Islands.

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  • Zamakona Yards participates in the Nor-Shipping 2015

    The Nor-Shipping 2015 opened yesterday in the city of Oslo, Norway and Zamakona Yards is taking place once again.


    The 50th edition of this leading event of the maritime industry is celebrated this year with 996 stands or exhibitors.


    The exhibition will last until the 5th of this month and brings together professionals from all around the world to share knowledge and keep them updated on the current situation of this important sector and its latest developments.


    The Zamakona Yards team will be on stand HALL B03 – 02A.


    If you are planning to go to the exhibition make sure you visit us, we will be happy to assist you! It will be the perfect opportunity to discuss any topic you may find interesting.

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  • The birth of a new ship in Zamakona Pasaia

    Just we launched in our facilities in Pasajes (San Sebastian) the tug ordered by the Port Authority of Haifa (Israel).


    Launching is a very important step in the manufacturing process because it´s when sizing and shapes of the boat are tested to see if they´re correct and can be considered as the “birth” of the ship. The launch was a success and we are already undertaking the last part of the pre-assembly before the beginning of testing.


    The type tractor tug with Voith Schneider propulsion has 70 tons of bollard pull, a length of 31.50 meters by 12.50 meters beam The design was done by VOITH in collaboration with the shipyard engineering, optimizing the hull shape and including some improvements required by the customer in relation to its sister ship ILAN I. Classification will be provided by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.


    The ship fulfills the regulations of the Israeli flag especially as regards to noise and vibration, it should be noted that the regulations are more stringent than those set out in international standards.


    The tug is equipped with 2 propulsion units 32R5 Voith coupled with 2 MAN main engines 8L27/38 each with 2,670 KW. To trail the afterdeck, the ship is equipped with a tow hook and winch manufactured by Hatlapa.


    Everything is on track to meet our commitment to our customer delivery this coming September.

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  • Zamakona Yards delivers Ocean Falcon vessel to Atlantic Offshore in San Sebastián

    Zamakona Yards delivered the vessel “Ocean Falcon” at its facilities in Pasajes, San Sebastián.


    The ship is construction (C-735) and is the last of three signed with the Norwegian shipping company Atlantic Offshore A.S., all with Havyard HY820 design. Its sisters, Ocean Osprey (C-721) and Ocean Marlin (C-722) were the first and second respectively of the contract with this prestigious customer, being all pretty similar, with some technical variations between them.


    The main aim of the ship is to provide prompt attention to emergencies on oil rigs, being specially adapted to the harsh conditions of the North Sea.


    This is a Field Support Vessel (FSV) and incorporates the latest technologies including systems for towing operations with a pulling capacity of 65 tons. With 66.80 meters length and 16 meters beam, it has the capacity to rescue 300 people. It has 2 MAN main engines with a power of 1935 kW each.


    It sails now towards Aberdeen where its baptism ceremony will be held on the 29th of May and has already a contract for this year of 5 + 5 years with Shell, UK.


    We want to take this opportunity to once again thank our distinguished customer Atlantic Offshore for trusting our work.

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  • Zamakona Yards takes place in the OTC 2015

    The Offshore Technology Conference 2015 (OTC 2015) is about to start and Zamakona Yards will be there once again!


    The conference will take place in the city of Houston, USA between the 4th and 7th of May. The OTC is the most important event of the Offshore industry and brings together leading companies and professionals around the world.


    We will have the opportunity to inform our colleagues on the latest repair and transformation undertaken on various platforms and share with them our short-term projects to offer our services at our facilities in Las Palmas Port.

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  • Zamakona Yards participates in the Sinaval-Eurofishing Elite fair

    The Sinaval-Eurofishing Elite fair opened yesterday its doors in Bilbao for its 20th edition. Until Thursday April 23 it will be the meeting point for all professionals in the naval, maritime, port, fishing and marine energy sector which is the most important professional event of the year in Spain.


    Zamakona Yards once again will participate in this important event as it is for us an opportunity to present our latest buildings and ship repair services.


    If you are planning to go to the show make sure to visit us, we will be happy to help you!

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  • It´s been opened the first Offshore training center of Canarias, Gran Canaria closer to the Offshore industry

    Recently it has opened the first training center that provides the rescue qualifications needed work on platforms. The Offshore Center, created and managed by the Stier Group, is approved for obtaining the Boiset and Opito titles. Until the creation of this center, to get these trainings was necessary to go to the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Now you can get them here in Las Palmas, which undoubtedly represents an added attraction to this important industry to choose our ports as a base for repairs and maintenance of their ships.


    We want to congratulate the Stier Group for this important initiative.


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  • Zamakona Yards signed a partnership agreement with British company Subsea Masters specialized in maintenance and repair of drilling equipment

    With this agreement the Basque-Canarian Group further expands its range of services adapted to the offshore industry.


    The Subsea Masters is a subsidiary of the GEV Offshore group based in UK. They will permanently be based in Zamakona Yards´ facilities and dedicate primarily to the maintenance and repair of drilling equipment, especially the drill pipes or Risers. These works will be undertaken with the support of Zamakona Yards´ staff.


    This agreement intends to respond to the demand that platforms and driller vessels operating on the West African coast require on this type of service, and if anything else, add more attractiveness to the Las Palmas Port as a base for repair of these floating giants.

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  • Mr. Roberto Reyes Alzola receives Port Award from Fundación Puertos de Las Palmas

    Yesterday was held at CICCA in Las Palmas, the 21st edition of the Port Awards presented annually by Fundación Puertos de Las Palmas. These awards are the professional public recognition to institutions, companies and professionals that with its activity or career have had a prominent role in the Las Palmas De Gran Canarias’ Port.


    On this occasion, the Award of the modality “Professional Life in Port Environment” which is awarded in recognition of professional careers, has been given to Mr. Roberto Reyes Alzola, Mr. Roberto for his friends.


    Mr. Roberto was the Managing Director of our Shipyard Repnaval from 1990 to 2009, the year he retired. The award recognizes his long career as a naval engineer which highlights the direction of our shipyard in Las Palmas.


    It was the president of the Port Authority of Las Palmas himself, D. Luis Ibarra, who gave him the important distinction in a crowded auditorium full of representatives of all companies and organizations that work in the port.


    We here want to join in publicly this tribute as we can fully recognize his professionalism, commitment and dedication to his passion, boats.


    Congratulations Mr. Roberto!

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  • Zamakona Yards signs agency agreement with The Stewart Group, owned by RS Platou&Clarksons

    Zamakona Yards will henceforth be represented by this important agent that provides services to major ship-owners and offshore clients worldwide.


    The Stewart Group will offer its major customers Zamakona Yards repair and maintenance services both afloat and in our shipyards.


    The Stewart Group was founded in 1922 by Samuel Stewart. In 2008 it was purchased by the Platou Group and has together became a global leader in the procurement of vessel services for the offshore energy industry. Subsequently the Platou/Stewarts group has been purchased by Clarksons in 2015, which in turn has created the largest network of shipbrokers in the world. They operate globally with major offices in Aberdeen, London, Accra, Cape Town, Singapore and Houston.


    With this agreement Zamakona Yards expands its already extensive network of agents being represented almost everywhere in the world.

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